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Mountain Goat Trails

Meet the Locals

We have lived in Mangrove Mountain for over 17 years, farming beef cattle and enjoying the bountiful experiences our local region has to offer - walks in the Watagans National Park, wine tasting in Wollombi Valley and visiting local markets in Mangrove Mountain and Peats Ridge. 

We are proud of our beautiful local region and our ability to offer our friends and family a connection to local produce at its source, and to be part of our incredible Australian farming heritage and culture

We want to share our experiences and knowledge of our region with more visitors (and locals!) and so in 2017, we are opening up our farm gate and local knowledge to others by offering farm visits, harvest trail tours and bespoke wine tasting adventures!

We hope to meet you soon!

- Christine, Hannah and Tim 

If you would like to collaborate with us or find out more, let us know:

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